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Fails of the Week: Whoa baby! (February 2017) || FailArmy


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Here's your weekly dose of failure. Let us know your favorites in the comments and send us your funny fail videos at FailArmy.com!! Doooo iiiiitttt

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Original Links:
Little Brother Throws Brush at Sister's Head https://goo.gl/Vtvxe6
Snowboarder Flies off Ramp and into Tree https://goo.gl/LajavE
Skateboarders Simultaneously Faceplant https://goo.gl/bjDyGF
Guy Hits Ceiling Lamp while Dabbing https://goo.gl/Y08gZr
Cupcake Explodes https://goo.gl/uIt9ab
Drone Captures Embarrassing Wipe Out https://goo.gl/yxfi4x
Older Brother Falls Over Singing to Sister https://goo.gl/RM8C27
Thick Fog Causes Pileup on Freeway https://goo.gl/zIQo7Y
Girl Wipes out at Bottom of Sand Dune https://goo.gl/Fppu5p
ATV Rider Goes Up Snowy Hill and Falls Off https://goo.gl/Hn8dCz
Skateboarder Wipes out in Empty Canal https://goo.gl/oIWkVt
Guys Collide in Water Slide https://goo.gl/4lfK3w
Kid Face Plants Into Truck Bumper https://goo.gl/YFJb6k
Guy Captures People Falling on Slippery Sidewalk https://goo.gl/KC7t1Y
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Guy Misses Jump and Falls https://goo.gl/7QyTvc
Snowy Road Results in Scary Car mishap https://goo.gl/cxz71Q
Guy Falls off Skateboard https://goo.gl/rYRsnn
Biker Crashes During Event https://goo.gl/mqtF2N
Birthday Girl's Hair Catches on Fire https://goo.gl/n0jBvX
Mother Falls While Dancing in Kitchen https://goo.gl/SDG1Tp
Ski Air Bag Face Plant n/a
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Mattress Flies onto Highway https://goo.gl/bI29va
Bike Jumper Wipes Out https://goo.gl/qBUZFc
Equestrian Flung off Horse n/a
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Skateboarder Gets Nut Shot on Bench https://goo.gl/3WB8lP
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Snowboarder Fails on Rail https://goo.gl/YgvfXK
Girl Fails Riding Unicycle https://goo.gl/PMGnnT
Kid Crashes While Sitting on Swegway https://goo.gl/TwlfFS
Motorcyclist Gets in Car mess n/a
Skier Crashes into Snow https://goo.gl/zIGa6t
Guy Pukes After Chugging Beer https://goo.gl/3HkMgF

Fails of the Week (February 2017) || FailArmy

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