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Fun Size Fails: Miniature Fails (June 2017)


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FailArmy has searched high and low for the best fails on the internet. Today's theme: Fun Size Fails. Babies failing, puppies failing, men on tiny bikes failing; it's all here. Do YOU have a fail video and want that sweet, sweet internet fame? Then send it our way at failarmy.com

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Baby Falls out of Window https://goo.gl/Vz2fER
Baby Falls While Dad Records Him https://goo.gl/saNPfY
Baby Smashes Cupcake https://goo.gl/cd2kP1
Baby Takes Wallet Out of Woman's Purse https://goo.gl/MBYa6x
Baby Throws Up and Keeps Laughing https://goo.gl/HolZWj
Boy Gets Trapped in Arcade Machine https://goo.gl/xvLO1v
Boy Throws Football Into Air and Gets Hit https://goo.gl/BmDbvC
Dog Crashes into Little Girl on Tricycle https://goo.gl/rkuD8X
Dog Knocks over Baby https://goo.gl/oqVykg
Goat Falls Off Box https://goo.gl/eiclRd
Guy Accidentally Breaks Ceiling Lamp while Kicking Ball Indoors https://goo.gl/lSGbjq
Hamster Runs on Outside of Wheel https://goo.gl/RCnKTu
Kid Accidentally Hits Self With Nunchuck https://goo.gl/qe1wNn
Kid Faceplants Off Bike Into Woodchips https://goo.gl/16S6sd
Kid Falls After Swinging Golf Club https://goo.gl/z1C2d5
Kid Falls In Toilet While Reading https://goo.gl/Qt3v3X
Kid Falls While Doing Ninja Kicks https://goo.gl/VXaWm6
Kid Falls While Waiting for Birthday Cake https://goo.gl/3RtNIr
Kid Races Down Hallway in Toy Train and Falls https://goo.gl/yyYYeY
Kid Trips Over Brother's Head https://goo.gl/3vUUCJ
Little Boy Faceplants Off Mini Bike https://goo.gl/Sz8ZsX
Little Boy Wrapped in Blanket Runs Into Toys https://goo.gl/kSI7cK
Little Girl Can't Blow Out Candle https://goo.gl/AWoqvE
Little Girl Falls Off Slide https://goo.gl/q9aBcF
Little Horse Faceplants https://goo.gl/HL4fOf
Little Kid Bumps Head into Toy Chest https://goo.gl/XR0Xf2
Little Soccer Player Gets Hit in Face With Ball https://goo.gl/ZkKcGW
Mini Dump Truck Flips Over Curb https://goo.gl/sQvWYm
Mini Golf Putter Breaks GoPro Camera https://goo.gl/bdRsZk
Mini Motorcycle Wheelie Fail https://goo.gl/aE0BDJ
Miniature Horse Rolls Over Ball https://goo.gl/8yQIqD
Miniature Pig Falls Backwards https://goo.gl/sASmOT
Mom Attempts to Jump Mini Ramp with Mini Motorcycle https://goo.gl/8LGH1h
Older Sister Throws Ball at Brother's Face https://goo.gl/t1QmZB
Pony Scratches Butt on Fence https://goo.gl/DtwUUO
Pug Puppy Tries to Climb Stairs https://goo.gl/AqilJr
Three Dogs Hump Each Other https://goo.gl/F1CcUo
Toddler Hug Fail https://goo.gl/ltckYO
Toddler on Scooter Faceplants Into Grass https://goo.gl/RuA7Oo
Toddler Puts Cereal Box on Head and Fails https://goo.gl/tqt7QN
Woman Rides Toy Car Down Truck Ramp and Faceplants https://goo.gl/WSNBLs
Yellow Mini BIke Crashes Through Fence https://goo.gl/M5QNwX

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