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Funny Dad Fails (June 2017)


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Calling all dads! FailArmy has put together a very special compilation of Dad Fails from around the internet. Being a parent is hard work, and we dedicate this video to all the dads out there ahead of Fathers Day! Have a video of your own? Submit it to FailArmy.com.

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Girl Hits Dad with Ball https://goo.gl/d7UzuU
Dad Squirts Milk Into Baby's Mouth https://goo.gl/JQmtEO
Toddler Flies Off Toy Car Into Puddle https://goo.gl/k6fNBX
Drone Crashes Into Garage https://goo.gl/1IRjM0
Guy Slams Finger on Car Door while Carrying Sleeping Baby https://goo.gl/ef0EI6
Kid Swings Bat and Accidentally Hits Dad with Baseball https://goo.gl/uAzGvK
Little Boy Mimics Dad's Bad Word https://goo.gl/ObsrkZ
Baby Confused by Father and His Twin https://goo.gl/zckjF3
Dad Terrified on Rollercoaster https://goo.gl/Asp3hH
Man Falls Trying to Slide without Skis https://goo.gl/lmMQyx
Father Falls Over on Segway https://goo.gl/qFJ59B
Dad Falls off Rope Swing https://goo.gl/YmTH00
Daughter Accidentally Hits Dad with Whiffle Ball https://goo.gl/LkmPcU
Son Kicks Father's Crotch https://goo.gl/PuiYFn
Drunk Irish Dad Fails at Benching https://goo.gl/1Foqh2
Roll It Up Hammock Smash https://goo.gl/bc4BZu
Guy Tries to Skimboard at the Beach https://goo.gl/0UGZKv
Kid Kicks Dad in the Groin During Tae-Kwon-Do Practice https://goo.gl/xSoXkN
Little Kid Uses Dog Bowl as Swimming Pool https://goo.gl/GRH5Og
Father Saves Son from Falling off Slide https://goo.gl/xkcoZs
Dad Accidentally Runs Sons Head Into Wall https://goo.gl/5BG5bU
Child Falls During Family Jam Session https://goo.gl/4ZjOHr
Toy Car Crashes into Van https://goo.gl/MROATV
Kid Rides Bike Down Grassy Hill and Falls Off https://goo.gl/iHpqRD
Guy Tries to Lift Little Girl to Home Base https://goo.gl/m1UShJ
Man with Fedora Falls on the Beach https://goo.gl/ouwMbS
Kid Falls While Trying to Scooter Down Ramp https://goo.gl/zrFSmg
Dad Does Spinning Kick and Falls on Coffee Table https://goo.gl/jGJjxg
Dad Accidentally Kicks Ball into Baby's Face https://goo.gl/eaPqc3
Dad Falls off Water Slide https://goo.gl/vHrwHH
Dad Ruins Musicians Jam Session https://goo.gl/rWUVgg
Son Hits Dad in the Nuts https://goo.gl/3qYpmc
Kid Zooms Across Slip n Slide https://goo.gl/dcbSw5
Dad Launches Kid from Airbed into Wall https://goo.gl/F77Bhm
Father Spins Hula Hoop into Daughter's Face https://goo.gl/gHTvx1
Baby Gets Covered in Freezing Cold Ocean Water https://goo.gl/I8CN1j
River Rafting Paddler Falls Out into Water https://goo.gl/6xlQhJ
Beardless Father Scares Baby https://goo.gl/Wiuzrt
Dad Tries to Use New Swegway https://goo.gl/jMt2sd

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