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Robbery fail: Clerk takes armed man’s gun in funny convenience store holdups compilation


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Thinking about robbing a convenience store? Well, think twice — because you never know who you’re messing with. TomoNews presents the bravest shopkeepers who defeated would-be robbers and handed out some instant karma.

Full video of teen robbers shot dead by liquor store clerk: http://bit.ly/1SLxTAw

1. Calling bullsh*t on someone who has a gun pointed at your head isn’t normally the best move. But that’s what one ballsy Australian shop clerk did when a masked man strode into his store and demanded money.

2. Police released security footage of a man and women attempting to steal cigarettes from the Speedway on Maple Road in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The clerk on duty tackled the man, rendering him unconscious.

3. An armed gunman was fatally shot in southeast Houston after the convenience store clerk’s son came to the rescue.

4. A jewelry store heist was foiled when the owner pulled a shotgun on would-be robbers at Joyeria Marlene’s jewelry store in Fresno, California.

5. Oakland Park, Florida auto shop owner Andrew Hepburn turned the tables on his gun-toting attacker, grabbing his weapon, pistol-whipping and shooting him.

6. Two ninja-clad teens went to the Perry Market store in Pittsburgh brandishing a big machete, thinking the cashier would not hesitate in giving them money. To their surprise, he confronted them with a bigger sword.

7. Click here for uncensored video: http://bit.ly/1SLxTAw
Two suspects, aged 15 and 17, were shot dead in a Chicago liquor store when an employee tried to defend the store from an attempted robbery.

8. This owner of a suburban Boston convenience store isn’t afraid of robbers, so long as he has his trusty chili powder by his side.

9. A New Orleans Fuel Zone gas station clerk named Mustafa gave an armed robber a serious whooping, ending a 12-hour crime spree.

10. A brave convenience store clerk in Staatsburg, New York is caught on camera chasing away a masked robber armed with a shotgun, after the would-be criminal earlier tried to rob a store.

11. A cell phone store robbery didn’t go as planned when the clerk managed to take the gun from the robber.

12. Suspect Jovon Maurice Reddick was subdued by two men standing at the counter of a Florida convenience store, who ignored his threats to shoot and refused to hand over their money.

13. Employees at a Pennsylvania store shot and killed two out of three suspects in a robbery at Latino's Meat Market in Reading, Pennsylvania.

14. A gas station attendant in Germany fought off a knife-wielding robber in an incident that was caught on tape.

15. Two knife wielding teens attempt to rob an old grandmother, but flee after she verbally abuses them for being dumb.

16. An armed robber was surprised when his plan was foiled by a customer while attempting to rob a CVS pharmacy in Sarasota, Florida.

17. Surveillance footage captures a harrowing burglary in the Israeli coastal city of Ashkelon, in which a masked man attempted to rob a jewellery store at knifepoint.

18. When a gunman is distracted, a clerk snatches the gun and wrestles the suspect to the ground.

19. A store clerk at Convenient Food Mart in Sandusky, Ohio disarmed a would-be robber, but not before a failed attempt to swipe the gun away from the criminal and getting pistol-whipped.

20. A 21-year-old man in Sichuan province, China, was arrested after making failed attempts to rob two jewelry stores.

21. A 36-year-old thief surnamed Shi got more than he bargained for after tangling with 68-year-old jewelry store owner Mr. Chen.

22. Master thieves, these two are not. They hit the glass five times before abandoning ship and running off.

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